Go Outside offers great activity ideas for kids! Go Outside has provided activities & games that make Going Outside fun! Just pick an activity, read or print the instructions, and go have fun with the activity.
Ballon Tag

Grab some water balloons and string, then start stomping!

View Ballon Tag
Buddy Tag

You will need a few kids to play this fun tag game.

View Buddy Tag
Capture The Flag

Enjoy using team strategy to capture the opposing team's flag.

View Capture The Flag
Chain Hide & Seek

Don't look for the hiders by yourself, use a chain of friends.

View Chain Hide & Seek
Clothespin Tag

Find Mom's clothespins and get running.

View Clothespin Tag
Flashlight Tag

It needs to be dark outside to play this game of tag.

View Flashlight Tag
Follow The Leader Relay

Do what the leader commands as fast as you can.

View Follow The Leader Relay

A favorite classic that tests your balance skills.

View HopScotch

You will need a basketball and hoop to play Horse.

View Horse
I Spy

Look at your surroundings and see what you can spy.

View I Spy

All you need is a ball and some running room to get started.

View KickBall
Kick The Can

This hide and seek game really wants you to kick the can.

View Kick The Can
Red Light Green Light

Listen closely and run as fast as you can.

View Red Light Green Light

Hide and Seek, but only one hider!

View Sardines
Scavenger Hunt

Explore your area by having a scavenger hunt.

View Scavenger Hunt
Beach Ball Bumper Cars

Get ready for some bumping fun in the pool

View Activity
Basket Balloon

Just like basketball but with a balloon.

View Basket Balloon
Blind Water Balloon Toss

Choose a trusty partner so you don't get soaked.

View Blind Water Balloon Toss
Broom Ball

Not enough hockey sticks? No worries.

View Broom Ball

Cozy up with a warm fire.

View Bonfire

Explore the outdoors with a night of camping.

View Camping
Dodge Ball

A playground classic using rubber balls.

View Dodge Ball
Fly's Up Categories

Think quickly to choose an item from the category while the ball is up.

View Fly's Up Categories
Kite Flying

Enjoy a windy day by flying your kite.

View Kite Flying
Land, Sea or Air

A twist on Simon Says that's is sure to get you jumping.

View Land, Sea or Air
Red Rover

Do you have a tight grip?

View Red Rover
Roller Blading

Explore your area by roller blading.

View Roller Blading
Star Gazing

Learn about the constellations by spending an evening outside with the stars.

View Star Gazing
Three Fly's Up

Practice your behind-the-back tossing.

View Three Fly's Up
Tree House

Put your carpenter skills to use and create your very own unique tree house.

View Tree House

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